Services We Offer

  • Adjustments
    We provide specific chiropractic care with guided muscle work to help optimize your healing potential. Dr. Saylor has helped patients experiencing chronic headaches, migraines, neck pain, TMJ, shoulder pain, low back pain, sciatica and much more. Our goal is to help your body in the healing process so you can do the things you love without pain or restrictions.Let us help you today!Read More
  • Nutritional Guidance
    Dr. Saylor will provide nutritional support & guidance to all patients as a part of your overall progress plan. Nutrition is key to good health!


  • Massage Therapy  There are numerous benefits to massage therapy. Our massage therapist Landon is well versed in helping your body recover and heal. Landon works with acute injuries, chronic issues and overall wellness for you to attain balance and ease. 

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Why Choose Us?

We are not just another chiropractic office...we are striving to help anyone wanting to achieve better health! Pain, inflammation, stress and life in general can all contribute to daily aches and pains. Our goal is to take your daily habits and fine tune them to fit your lifestyle. Dr. Saylor has helped patients with an array of issues achieve much needed relief.

Removing unwanted pressure from the nerves allows your body to function more efficiently. The side effects are decreased pain, decreased inflammation, improved organ/joint/muscular function and better overall health!

You are unique! Our priority is your health & well-being.