I knew from the moment I spoke with Dr Saylor on the phone this was the place for me. Her gentle touch and caring heart creates a great experience every time. -Scott S.


Dr. Saylor is wonderful. She takes the time each session to address a particular issue, and does some muscle work too. I HIGHLY recommend her! -Kelly G.


Dr. Saylor is the best. She is very thorough and professional and she sincerely cares about her patients. I highly recommend her. -Lisa S.


I had terrible upper back pain and Dr. Saylor helped me so much. This was an ongoing thing and I feel so much better now. I would recommend her to anyone in the area! -Adam M.


Dr Saylor is always very thorough and really listens to what you may be experiencing. I highly recommend her. -Alicia B.


Dr. Saylor is an amazing chiropractor! She truly cares about her patients, and will have you walking out of your clinic feeling great and energized. -Dr. Pat M.


Dr. Saylor is amazing! Since being treated by her, I am seeing long term relief. She is thorough in her adjustments. She is also courteous and professional. I would recommend Dr. Saylor to anyone. -Jen V.


Dr. Saylor has a confident, compassionate touch. She shows extra care by visiting other aspects of her patient's lives, such as nutrition, quality of sleep, and fitness, to help round out her patient care. You are well taken care of with Dr. Saylor! -Sarah T.


Dr. Saylor is an amazing chiropractor! She truly cares about her patients, and will have you walking out of your clinic feeling great and energized. Today I was suffering from a screaming and horrific migraine. I could hardly move or do anything. I hoped I could sleep it off, but after dozing most of the day, I decided I had to get an adjustment. About an hour after my adjustment, the migraine is gone! Bit stiff and sore, but I can see, my ear stopped hurting, I have a surge of energy and I can turn my head without any pain! Thank you Dr. Saylor. -Stephanie L.


After a week of a headache that just refused to go away...it is finally gone! Thank you to Dr. Ashley Saylor! You continue to be such an integral part of my health! I'm looking forward to a weekend without pain and blurred vision! -Emily L.


Today was the first time I met Dr. Saylor and it was great. She did great with my toddler who decided to scream the whole time and was able to help me find natural ways to help my family! I can't wait until we are all able to be seen and get help! Her prices are more than fair and very reasonable. I'm very happy with her practice! -Karli L.


Dr. Saylor is a great Chiro and a good listener which helps with the visits going really well for the long term. She also gives great advice on what to do nutritionally and exercise ideas. -Richard Y.


I first saw Dr. Saylor a few years ago, I had hurt my back moving a desk and it had become difficult to do much of anything. I went to my regular Dr and he gave me vicodin, which did no good. A few days later I made an appt with Dr. Saylor. I went in and my pain was about a 7-10, just walking out of her office that day my pain was down to a 4-10. I saw her a few times after that and my back had been great for years. This last December I was in a car accident and had lower back and neck pain from that. I hadn't made an appt yet, and a few months later I found out I was pregnant. I didn't make an appt with Dr. Saylor at that time because I assumed it was not safe to get adjusted while being pregnant. I did some research and called my OB, she informed me that as long as the chirporator was able to work on women who were pregnant and I felt that was the best course of action for me then she had no problem with me getting adjusted. I saw Dr. Saylor about a week after that (I waited for a day off) and she was great again, I felt so much better after leaving her office and have not needed to go back since. She has squeezed my husband in because of his severe back pain, she all around is very professional and you can tell she truly cares about her patients. I would recommend her to anyone, she's great. -Melanie F.


I have been going to Dr. Saylor for more than three years for chiropractic treatment and she is awesome. She always goes out of her way to accommodate my wife and I and she is currently treating me for a back injury from work. Anyone who does not think she is a professional is either intolerant or has zero patience.  She does have her 9 month old baby boy in her office sometimes so I guess if you "hate" children her place might not be a good fit for you. I do know that I have been going to several chiropractors for 25 years in Colorado and she has been the "best" one as far as her care and kindness. She is a consummate medical professional with a Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic (the best school in the country). I am an athletic coach and I recommend her to athletes and players all the time. She now has an automatic lowering table that is great for seniors and her pricing is very reasonable.  She is the best in town!

Jim T.
Athletic Coach



I would only trust Dr. Saylor with my back and neck problems! She always knows what to do and you can tell she truly cares. You are not just another patient with her, which I find rare with Chiropractors. -Melissa S.


There are many Chiropractors in Colorado but there are very few that care as much as Dr. Saylor. One night, my girlfriend says that she had completely lost feeling in her feet and has a crazy burning sensation radiating down her left leg. I took her to the ER on a Friday night. We were there for 9 hours. The performed 35 minutes worth of work in those 9 hours. They took an X-ray and did an MRI of her spine. They didn't show is what was wrong and refused to give us the pictures. They told us that she had a bulging disc between L5 and S1, but didn't tell us what side or how severe or anything of that nature. Very frustrated with that ER, we left. She was still unable to feel her feet and could barely walk and was in unmeasurable amounts of pain. Saturday morning comes around after the sleepless and helpless night at the ER. We drove from the ER, straight to Dr. Saylor's office. Dr. Saylor had an absolutely full day with no available spaces to treat my girlfriend. But she treated her anyway, between her patients. After a brief amount of time on Dr. Saylor's table, my girlfriend was able to walk easier, could feel her feet completely, had less pain shooting down her leg and in her low back. Dr. Saylor checked her out and was able to tell from a few tests, which way the disc was bulging. My girlfriend has been returning to her over and over because Dr. Ashley Saylor is helping her like no one else could or would. My girlfriend and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Saylor and we recommend her to everyone we meet. If you're in any pain... Go see Dr. Saylor, you'll be glad you did. -Landon S.



I was a total skeptic about 15 years ago about chiropractors & the care & healing that they can offer us humans....at the time I was self employed cleaning houses & trying to get ready to go on a vacation with my hubby when I strained my neck & shoulder.....NOTHING helped to relieve it & I had a bunch of work to get done before we could take our vacation so I reluctantly tried a male chiropractor who was fabulous & truly HELPED (AND made a life-long believer outta me!)  Sadly, he had to retire due to carpal tunnel syndrome.....& I sought out care closer to our home from someone I could trust ~ and FORTUNATELY for my husband & me....I discovered Dr. Ashley Saylor...Dr. Saylor is a pretty & PETITE young doctor of Chiropractic....& I will admit, that I was a bit nervous at first that she wouldn't have the necessary strength to adjust me properly, but Holy Moly ~ Was I EVER *WRONG*,  a former body builder & still a very active fitness advocate & participant, her strength is amazing & she ALWAYS helps me sit back up since I get dizzy quite easily.  She is caring & concerned about all of her patients & is as professional a medical provider as I have ever had the pleasure of utilizing the services of.   And these days, since she gave birth to her firstborn (an adorable baby boy) about 10 months ago ~ she often has him in the room next to her treatment room so that I can ooh & aah & smile at the baby & try to make him smile or laugh....but as one reviewer noted ~ sometimes he does what babies will tend to do (for one reason or another & usually one which is pretty easily attended to) & he will cry.   But I have yet to mind that or be bothered by it.....I have seen several other chiropractors in the metro area & other states, as well....and Dr. Saylor is by FAR THE VERY BEST....I *HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER* & I think my husband would most certainly agree.....if you happen to read this Dr. Ashley....THANKS FOR KEEPING US ALIGNED & FOR TAKING SUCH *EXCELLENT* CARE OF US & GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR HEALING GIFTS! -Alexis Twiford



Dr. Saylor truly is exceptional at what she does. She takes the time to visit with you and help make plans for a healthier you to include chiropractic care. I was having serious lower back pain and it had been over 10 years since I had gone. She was patient and wonderful since I was nervous about it since I have a fusion in my neck. I felt incredible the next day! -Andi W.


Dr. Ashley Saylor is awesome.  I've seen her many times in the past, but recently jacked up my back, so I went back to see her yesterday.  She got me straight again and this morning I feel like I'm on the path to recovery. It's incredible how she can just put her hands on you and she knows right away where "it" is. -Mark Evenson